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    Forum Rules and new member info.

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    Forum Rules and new member info.

    Post  51numberone on Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:55 pm

    Please ensure you read and understand the forum rules below.

    1. Before your membership is activated, it will be checked by the forum administrator to ensure that you have filled out your details on your profile in full including full name and email address.

    2. It is imperative to keep what is discussed here in our forum confidential. This is why it is essential that all members identities are known by forum administrators. Anonymous members without full details in profile are not allowed.

    3. Under no circumstances, do not copy text from this forum and use it elsewhere. Information posted here is considered Confidential and intended for forum members only.

    4. Persons who browse and do not contribute will be treated with suspicion. Inactive accounts will be periodically deleted.

    5. Be respectful and use your commonsense. Reports of inappropriate behavior can be directed to the moderators.

    6. Do not allow your login to be used by anybody else.

    7. Trouble makers from other forums will not be tolerated. If malice is intended or suspected your account will be terminated by one of moderators immediately.

    8. Impersonating another member by copying or deliberately taking on a similar username with an intent to decieve is also grounds for having all acounts terminated.

    9. Colourful Language is tolerated to a certain degree. If excessive use of expletives is detected this policy may change in the future.

    10. Abusive or derogatory comments directed at other members is forbidden. All disputes shall be directed towards the forum administrator.

    Forum administrators can be contacted via email at
    This is a great group of people who are passionate about V8 Supercars. Enjoy each others views and opinions and Go Murph!

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